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Assessment and Intevention of Adolescents

Assessment Intervention and Moving on assessments.

 This assessment process is used to assess young people who have committed a sexual assault or harmful sexual behaviour.

I am a qualified and experienced in conducting AIM3 assessments and subsequent interventions of adolescents who display harmful sexual behaviour. I have team that assist with these assessments and interventions using the AIM3 model.

Individual assessment and /or intervention can be provided for Youth Offending Teams, Social Services and private companies. 


What is harmful sexualised behaviour?

It includes actions that can harm either the child or young person themselves, or another person. It can include: frequently and intentionally accessing age-inappropriate sexual material online. using inappropriate language. undertaking mutual sexual activity they are not ready for with peers.

AIM3 is a 25-item assessment framework designed to help practitioners consider relevant targets for intervention, in addition to quantifying risk and levels of supervision.

It is not an actuarial risk assessment tool (Leonard and Hackett, 2019).

The Assessment model incorporates new research and practice issues such as technology assisted sexual behaviours, and a change in practice towards the development of a model that does not determine risk simply as low, medium, or high.

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